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Our IT thought leadership is independent, fresh and direct. Our unique research model brings you the latest insights with speed, context, and applicability that is unparalleled in the industry. We have fast research cycles. We're completely independent.

  • Fast research cycles: Our research draws from leading CIOs, industry experts, and world-class thought leaders. Our near-real time research process gets you insights quickly - relevant information when you need it.
  • Unbiased research: we're not in anyone's pocket so there are no filters or spin on our research. Our research taps into thought leaders and experts across the industry. The results are delivered fresh back to our community - without any influence from analysts, consultants or vendors.

Business innovation: Expert perspectives and insights

Get a fresh perspective from our network of experts on how innovations such as mobile, cloud, in-memory computing, and analytics are transforming business - today and in the future.

We've an extensive customer and consultant-focused research, and interviews with top industry leaders to form the collection of articles below. These white papers provide an authoritative perspective that can help you overcome talent acquisition challenges currently facing the IT industry.

IT Maturity Assessments

Ascertaining organizational maturity is important when an IT organization has determined that it wants to improve. Our approach assesses the current state and then identifies the key areas to address and the benefit of addressing those areas. Too many organizations strive for maturity levels that do not provide value to the business.

The key to success: define the business needs and mature enough to deliver to that. Our pragmatic results give you that capability

IT Process Engineering

Creating repeatable and manageable processes is essential to delivering IT services. Repeatability creates sustainability, eases implementation and training, and enables improvement. Processes are aligned to policies, and it's the measurement of process execution success aligned to policies that create the continuous improvement environments.

Developments of products occur much more rapidly using these deliberate techniques than by accident. Many people known for being creative use these techniques, but are not aware they are doing so because they have not been formally trained in them. If you use these deliberate techniques during advanced brainstorming sessions then you too will be more creative.

With practice, ongoing creative thinking (the continuous investigation, questioning and analysis that develops through education, training and self-awareness) occurs all the time. Ongoing creativity maximizes both accidental and deliberate creative thinking. Ongoing creativity takes time and deliberate practice to become skillful at, but it's surprising how quickly it becomes an attitude, not a technique.

Thought Leadership

Our IT thought leadership is independent, fresh and direct. Our unique research model brings you the latest..

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