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Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and technology expertise, we enable you to improve business performance, while reducing costs and minimizing risks.

We have developed specific knowledge about each industry we serve. This allows us to help our clients solve their specialized business needs. Around the world and across the country, HeMast Technologies develops, installs and operates technology solutions for clients in a variety of industries:

  • Banking and Financial Services - Partnership services and packaged software to respond to the need and/or update basic IT systems, develop IT processes and add digital services.

  • Healthcare - A team of dedicated healthcare and welfare specialists helps you reach the zenith of healthcare by providing quality healthcare consulting.

  • Pharmaceutical - Experience in designing and implementing marketing research studies with health care professionals from a wide range of specialties.

  • Manufacturing and Logistics - HeMast Technologies helps its clients find the most economical solution to the handling and distribution side of their businesses. These solutions cover logistics, inventory management and material handling systems for manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations.

  • Insurance - Our IT consulting and insurance software solutions span a range of Insurance lines of business including Life, Annuities, Health, Property and Casualty and Reinsurance.

  • Media and Publishing - Sustainable IT solutions and R&D services to ensure optimal business performance and exploring opportunities that drive both growth and efficiency.

  • Life Sciences - Under this, HeMast Technologies provides industry-specific solutions. These include the fields of marketing and sales, supply chain, research and development, global regulatory compliance and outsourcing.

  • Retail - Involves developing and maintaining the digital value chain of international retailers.

  • Telecommunications - We help communication providers gain new agility in responding to change, with a communication practice that blends industry knowledge, targeted services, technology and functional expertise thereby increasing customer satisfaction, optimize service delivery, maximize service reliability and the most important, accelerated time-to-revenue.

  • Technology - HeMast Technologies competence in technology and production facilities - provides our customers with professional IT services in the most cost efficient manner. The tight and seamless co-operation with other Business Areas of HeMast Technologies, offers customers a unique combination of customer proximity, industry competencies and global opportunities.

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