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Growing organizations are constantly faced with the challenges of deploying limited resources to satisfy ever-changing market expectations and also to stay ahead of the competition. Impact-driven demand lifecycle management requires knowledge of your industry, technology expertise to meet business requirements and focused resources. Demand Lifecycle Management outsourcing allows an organization to leverage a partner’s experience and expertise without significantly increasing fixed operational cost.

HeMast BPO Services help business users to make radical changes in their existing business processes by deploying solutions with a real-time approach. We possess a steady track-record of rigid execution which helps us in building trustworthiness and clear dignity in the global arena.

Our capabilities are specifically geared towards the design of customized, scalable solutions that address both the current and future needs of our customers. Our solutions are developed by employing our years-long expertise and domain management experience. We open business values by applying proven process methodologies and business excellence frameworks to significantly reduce costs, enhance effectiveness and optimize business processes.

Following are fundamental steps that we carry out to achieve the objective:

  • Process Selection – Identifying and prioritizing the processes.
  • Transition – Managing the seamless movement of the process to the offshore environment and its integration into existing business operations
  • Risk Management – Identifying and mitigating the risks involved in outsourcing and in the offshore environment as well.
  • Pilot – A key phase in the outsourcing life cycle in which we carefully monitor and track the primary dependencies that affect the performance for a given process in the offshore environment.
  • Ramp Up – Consequent to the success of the pilot, infrastructure and resources are scaled up to meet specified client volumes.
  • Business as Usual – The process is completely set up and operational leading to business as usual.